WebCensor - Profanity filter: no more swear words, curses, bad words!
Profanity filter for any browser!

WebCensor™ is a free profanity filter for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. We load the base list of swear words to filter them out of pages in the browser while you surf the Internet. The rest of bad words or curses you can filter out manually, just adding them to list in plugin’s settings page. The main feature - the plugin supports all the languages so you can filter profanity in all languages you use.

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Help & Support

If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the usability of our software, please contact us. You can use contact form on our website.


We created standard lists of swear words for every language. Moreover, as the adding additional bad words to list is very easy process, you can add then on any language.

Modify your filter

You can easily add your own words you want to block from showing in your browser. All the words in the list replaced with Asterisks, [censored] or custom word you want. Recently, we added “safe-words” list, where you can save some words from filtering out.

Kid safety

There are more and more bad things on the Internet these days. Protect your kids from seeing (reading) any swear words, curses and any bad words.

Easy to setup

You don’t need to install and setup any software. All you need to do is to download it from official websites like Chrome Store or Firefox Add-on Market. It will installs to your browser automatically.

Absolutely FREE

Use of this software is free, as it aims to help people and protect them from obscene language on the Internet. But if you want to help the project you can donate us some money 🙂